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Spring Boot Advantages

1. With Spring Boot you can focus more on business features and less on infrastructure.
2. With Spring Boot, project gets added with required libraries and configurations based on reasonable assumptions that Spring boot makes. Assumptions will be made based on the class path.
3. Spring Boot doesn’t generate code or make edits to your files. Instead, when you start up your application, Spring Boot dynamically wires up beans and settings and applies them to your application context. 

Spring Boot = Spring Framework + Embded HTTP Servers (Tomcat, Jetty etc..) - XM Configurations For more information visit


JDK = JRE + Java Development tools
JRE = JVM + Java inbuilt packages + Run time libraries

Most of the people always has the doubt of why JDK is again having JRE inside ? Though it got provided out of the JDK.

Standard JRE doesn't have tools like javac, javaDB and tool.jar
So make sure you always point JDK JRE in your project build path.

Except the above difference rest of the things are same with Standard JRE's and JRE inside JDK.